Anti-Lost Kids Safety Harness

Never More Than A Few Steps Away—Prevent Unwanted Surprises

Expect the unexpected—discover the Anti-Lost safety harness for kids, and ease down on the worries in the open.

Kids can sometimes see a bird or a tree, and just decide to run toward it. Those kinds of surprises are perhaps each parent’s worst nightmare—and walking with toddlers out in the open, the worst-case scenarios just keep on unrolling in the parent’s head, whether they want it or not.

The Anti-Lost Kids Safety Harness keeps toddlers at a safe maximum distance of 1.5 - 2.5 m at most to let kids finally explore their surroundings, without the risk.

  • Comfort foam on the inside goeseasy on the wrists even during extended periods
  • Minimize the risk of getting lost inpublic places
  • Safety lock to prevent kids from detaching the harness themselves


Material: Polyurethane + Steel

Length: 1.5m (elastic to 2.5m)