Automatic Gatling Bubble Gun

Unlimited Bubblegum Burst Fire for the Summer Renegades

Experience soap bubble black ops with this formidable bubble gatling gun. Like a steampunk—or rathersoappunk cowboy, shoot bursts of bubbles and hijack parties with hundreds of shiny soap bubbles floating around.

✔️ Simple & Easy to Activate: Triple AA Battery-Powered

✔️ Produce Streams of Bubbles:Modified Leaf Blower-Bubble Gun: 

✔️ Safe Indoors & Outdoors:No Dripping, No Spilling, Just Soap Bubbles

✔️ 2-in-1 Cool Summer Fan:Just Remove the Bubble Head - Perfect for the Beach

Everything's better with bubbles. Shop the 2-in-1 Bubble Gatling Gun today to discover the hype of infinite bubbles vibing all around, and use the fan to nerf the overwhelming heat in the breezeless summer.