Microwave Egg Boiler

Save Time & Effort Making Next-Level Poached Eggs In the Microwave

Tired of struggling to poach eggs every day? Make poach-perfect eggs in the microwave in 2 minutes with this perky egg boiler.

Poaching eggs in the pan can be difficult, but this tool makes it simple. Clever integrated cup design makes poaching eggs effortless and fast in the microwave.


  • Eat Eggs HealthierForget About Sunflower Oil & Butter
  • Tastier Than Ever—Softer Whites & Warm, Liquid Yolks...Yummy!
  • Save Time & Effort—Just Toss It In the Microwave And Bon Appetit In 2 Mins
  • Crack Eggs Mess-Free—Use the Specially Designed Raised Bar in the Middle
  • Easier to Wash & Safer—Dishwasher-Safe & Made of Food Grade Materials

Poaching eggs lets you elevate your breakfast routine to the highest standards and get the most out of eggs by preserving more nutrients and removing oil & butter from the equation.

Plus, the Microwave Egg Boiler is easier to wash than a frying pan, and the eggs turn out more delicious and finer compared to baking or frying.