Food Storage Sealing Clamp

Instantly Transform Any Plastic Food Bag Into a Sealable Dozer

Game-changing sealing clamp to forget about spilling groceries and using new spoons each time. Easy to install on any food bag in seconds, it ensures that the bag doesn’t tear, and makes it easy to dose contents with precision and ease.

✔️ Upgrade Any Grocery Bag In Seconds - Easy to Install
✔️ Keep Food Fresher Longer - Vacuum Sealed to Preserve Taste
✔️ Dose With Precision & Accuracy - No More Spilling
✔️ Forget About Using A Different Spoon Each Time - Save Time & Effort
✔️ No More Fussing With Twist Ties - Reusable for Many Years

Material: PP

Size: 12.5 x 5.5 x 4.5cm