Faucet Kitchen Glass Rinser

Rinse Glasses to Blissful Perfection In Seconds

Tired of stubborn stains that take forever to scrub off? This powerful glass rinser attaches to the faucet to obliterate even the most persistent stains in seconds. Forget about scrubbing your heart out each time you leave a little coffee in the cup.


  • Powerful water jets from with a multi-angle spray hole
  • Hassle-free installation works with any faucet & countertop
  • Forget soaking and scrubbing - rinse residues in seconds
  • No Clean-Up - Watch the remains flow right into the sink
  • No more bacteria-harboring sponges & brushes

  • The kitchen upgrade that changes dishwashing forever! Clean right to the very bottom of any glass without the hassle. Perfect for baby bottles, stained coffee cups and tall glasses that can be super hard and frustrating to reach into and clean well.

    Can be connected to either hot or cold water supply!

    Dimensions:10.2 x 2.8 cm / 4.0 x 1.1 in