Golf Swing Training Mat

The Ultimate Golf Swing Training Mat Backed By Pros

Swing like a pro in no time and make those expensive games worth it.

Struggling to hit the ball straight? In golf, it’s more important to hit the ball straight, than to hit it far. Made of soft fabric fibers that show your club’s impact, this game-changing mat ensures visible progress from the first swing.


  • Make Visible Progress From the First Swing - Practice Makes Perfect
  • Track Even the Slightest Imperfections on the Ultra-Sensitive Velvet Fibers
  • Get an Easy- to-Clean, Reusable Swing Training Mat
  • Train On a Premium Gold Mat Backed By World-Class Pros

  • After hitting the ball, the trajectory of the club will be visible left on the mat, which helps effectively analyze the position of the club, and correct your posture and strength in time.


    • Material:Velvet + Rubber
    • Dimensions: 60 x 30cm / 24 x 12 in