Kids Waterproof Car Tray

Waterproof Dining Tray for Children to Dine Comfortably Anywhere, Without the Mess

Fine dining in the baby seat, on the go, without the mess—and more with the waterproof car tray. Featuring even a water-resistant phone holder for the cartoons, kids can now get the whole Netflix package on the road, while enjoying they meal safely from the car seat, instead of having to pull over.

Quick & Easy to Install, and Compatible With:

  • Baby Strollers
  • Baby Dining Chairs
  • Car Seats

  • ✔️ Fully adjustable setup with two fixable strap buckles
    ✔️ Get extra side pockets for snacks, tissues, milk bottles & more
    ✔️ Waterproof material, easy to clean with no more than a tissue