Magic Smoke Bubble Gun

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere—Up the Vibes With the Ultimate Smoke Bubble Gun.

Spread the good vibes & create hundreds of perfect smoke-filled bubbles at the push of a button. The bubble machine is actually a powerful atomizer gun that creates heavy-duty (not that easy to pierce) bubbles filled with smoke, creating an eye candy display and quickly becoming the life of the party at any setting.

  • Uses Standard Bubble Liquid—Simply Fill it Up With Soap Water
  • Simple & Easy to Activate—Triple AA Battery-Powered
  • Produce Streams of Bubbles—Modified Leaf Blower-Bubble Gun: 
  • Safe Indoors & Outdoors—No Dripping, No Spilling, Just Soap Bubbles
  • Can Be Worn Around the Neck—Perfect for Quick-Draw Purposes

Everything's better with bubbles. Shop the Magic Smoke Bubble Gun today and enjoy an unforgettable summer full of bubbles and good vibes.