Multifunctional Vegetable Slicer

6 Different Blades to Cover the Entire Kitchen Assortment

All-purpose veggies slicer & grinder to supply the entire kitchen quicker and safer. Protect the hands and prevent palm injuries while getting the best cut, freshest veggies. 

Drainage system included, which helps protect the surfaces and makes it easy to toss the remains right into the bin instead of having to clean after preparing the meal.

  • Peel Smoother & Easier
  • Cut Quicker & More Precisely
  • Get a DrainFood Tray With Protective Net
  • SeparateEgg Whites


  • 6 Blades
  • Removable Basket / Storage
  • Injury Prevention Add-On
  • Automatic Drain Rotation

  • Material:ABS + PP + Stainless Steel

    Dimensions: 315 x 150 x 105 mm / 12.4 x 5.9 x 4.1 in