Mystic Moon Crystal Earring Set

Picked fresh off the Night Sky, these sublime earring sets whisper tales of elegance. Moon silhouette, gazing into a star, paired with crystal enriched earrings. To wear them is to hear the dance of a thousand flickering starflakes. To be seen wearing them is to come & go unattainable, like the most beautiful dream, difficult to recall in the morning, but magical in subtle traces.

Material:Zinc Alloy / Zirconia Crystals

Moon & Star Circumference:2.6 cm / 1 in

Thinner Small Earring Circumference:1.7 cm / 0.7 in

Thicker Small Earring Circumference:1.5 cm / 0.6 in

Tiny Star Diameter:0.6 cm / 0.2 in