Nail-Free Curtain Rod Holders

Install Curtain Rails In Seconds Without Any Drilling!

Are you intimidated by the thought of screwing curtain holders into your wall, potentially cracking and damaging them? 

Try our Nail-Free Curtain Rod Holders! Install your curtain rails in a safe and effortless way, never worry about drilling holes in walls again!

Ultra strong adhesive feature keeps your curtains held up securely and keeps walls free from cracks and damages. Install your curtains faster and hassle-free!


  • Spring-loaded Stabilizer Clamp - Keeps your pole safe on all sides. Has a spring-loaded lock that firmly grips both ends of the pole keeping it safe from falling.
  • Ultra Strong Adhesive - World-class quality adhesive can last for years without losing stickiness and strong enough to easily carry heavy or large curtains.
  • Drill-Free Installation - Just stick to any clean and flat surface! No need for professional tools & services, making your life easier and inexpensive.
  • Top-of-the-Line Quality - High-grade ABS that is durable and tough. Doesn't break easily even against heavy poles and objects on it.
  • Wide-Variety of Uses - Ideal and works best for curtain rods but can also be used for other poles.

Perfect for bathroom towel pole or rather a wardrobe pole if your drawer doesn't have one. Very flexible depending on your needs!