Sleep Tight Baby Lounger

Rediscover Restful Sleep for Both the Baby & the Parents

Try it out for a night, and say goodbye to sleepless nights for both the baby and the parents. Featuring low-rebound memory foam for unprecedented comfort head-to-toe.

  • Maintain a healthy sleeping position
  • Improve microcirculation
  • Prevent pain in the jointsand muscles
  • Fall asleep faster & wake up energized

Get unprecedented support for the head, neck, shoulders, and lumbar spine.

Easy to install, adjust, and washable, this exceptionally designed lounger makes a difference since night #1.

The lounger moulds gently around the baby, letting them settle and sleep tighter in a healthier position.

Made of the finest cotton on Earth, it is hypoallergenic and breathable, making for the perfect nest bed to move the boundaries of comfort.

Material: Cotton
Dimensions: 75 x 45 cm / 30 x 17.7 in