Sleep Tight Baby Hammock

World's #1 Baby Sleep Hammock to Replicate the Comfort & Security of the Womb

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with baby hammocks that replicate the comfort of the womb. Efficiently prevent neck and back aches, minimize reflux and help prevent SIDS.

Featuring a soft and meshy, yet tightly stretched mattress, the hammock moulds gently around the baby, letting them settle and sleep tighter in a healthier position.

  • Prevent stress to joints and muscles - distribute weight evenly
  • Increase comfort and minimize reflux -slightly elevate the head
  • Maintain the safest sleeping position - keep the baby sleeping on their back 
  • Settle the baby back to sleep - simply by gently swinging the hammock
  • Portable - provide the baby with their familiar bedwherever they are

    Try it out for a night, and rediscover restful sleep for both the baby and the parents.

    Material:Crushed Velour / Soft & Breathable

    Dimensions:116 x 76 cm / 45.6 x 29.9 in