Christmas LED Fairy Lights

Transform any room into a festive haven with these Christmas Fairy Lights. Showcasing a string of Christmas trees, bells, stars and reindeer illuminated with vibrant LED bulbs, these lights decorate a room for the holiday season effortlessly. Comes with an 8 mode controller for selecting different flashing modes.

Material:  Copper Wire + Plastic Cover
Lengths: Festive Mix - 3.5M, Stars - 2.5 M
Height: 0.6M-1M
Voltage:  AC 220V-110V
Plug standard:  EU Plug-US Plug
Lead wire (line): 2 M
8 mode controller: 1. Constant light mode 2. Flash mode 3. Blinking mode 4. Continuous mode 5. Wave mode 6. Fantasy mode 7. Extinct mode 8. Slow flash mode