Baseboard Cleaner Pro™

Effortlessly Clean Baseboards In Seconds With This Amazing Tool!

Hate having to kneel down to clean baseboards, hurting your back?

Our Baseboard Cleaner Pro™ allows you to clean baseboards in an instant with minimal effort. Say goodbye to tiresome hours of cleaning by hand!

Extendable handle allows you to easily clean away dirt and grime in areas that are hard to reach and prevents you kneeling down. Remove the hard work from cleaning today!


  • Clean EffortlesslyRemove the hard work from cleaning baseboards. Wipe away dirt & grime without getting down on your knees!
  • Adjustable Reach - Adjustable handle allows you to reach high to hard to reach areas. Can extended from 11.8 inches to 51.2 inches.
  • Portable - Baseboard Cleaner Pro is collapsible and breaks down which is portable and easy to store.
  • Flexible Design - 360-degree swivel head allows you to clean baseboards, door moldings and other surface from any angle.
  • Easy To Clean - The microfiber cleaning pads are easy to clean and can be used many times.

How To Use:

  • Extend the handle to your desired length.
  • Place the microfiber pad against the baseboard or door molding.
  • Walk as the pad glides and lifts the dirt away.